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The essence of innovation from Woody Allen to Leonhard Cohen

Inspiration and Hands-on advice to kickstart innovation in your organization.

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It’s clear that innovation is crucial for the long term success or even survival of an organization. But how do you initiate and nurture positive change in your organization?

In his talk, Bert Van Wassenhove uncovers the recipes for success in innovation and transformation. Senior executives and managers will appreciate this presentation for its motivational effect and the practical application it offers. 

The recommendations serve as a guide and inspiration to kickstart innovation in their company. In the presentation, the audience learns that curiosity, an open mind and especially a lot of hard work are the basis for innovation.

After this talk, the participants will have a clear view on how to start and they will know how to avoid failure in the innovation and transformation process.

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Bert Van Wassenhove is not a book publisher, but a "venture publisher", with significant experience in marketing and digital media – and by leveraging his network – Bert helps people and organizations take an innovative or transformative concept and turn it into a sustainable company. 

Today he is CEO of Solvice, an AI company focussing on solving complex decision intelligence problems. Authenticity is always a key value in his undertakings.

Bert Van Wassenhove

Venture publisher guiding innovative and transformative concepts to become sustainable companies.

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