Wellbeing: not a cost but a mind-shift

Why a wellbeing policy is key if you want to be a future proof company.

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Absenteeism increases to alarming proportions. 

More needs to be done with fewer people. 

Employee stress is increasing. 

Resilience is ebbing away.  

That's why a wellbeing policy is key if you want to be a future proof company. 

Ann inspires you with a presentation based on these three questions:

1. What can you do as an organization to have resilient and motivated employees?

2. As a team leader or manager, what can you do to increase the well-being of your employees?

3. How can you inspire and help employees to be healthy and happy?

4. How do you motivate your employees (how to make working at the office attractive again ?


Ann was a pioneer in professionalizing wellbeing at work. She was Wellbeing Director at Medialaan and passionate about the wellbeing of employees. She believes that mental balance, physical health and healthy nutrition have to be combined to get the best results.

She is now a full-time keynote speaker and motivates employees to make their working day much more energetic, with only minor adjustments.

Author of the books ‘Aftellen naar maandag’ and 'Wellbeing = Winst', she wants to make clear to managers, HR-managers, team leaders and employees that by working in a smarter way they will be happier and above all why healthy and happy employees are your most important asset for an organization.

Ann is also a columnist at Feeling, sharing her expertise and tips on wellbeing in the section ‘Happy @ work’.

Ann De Bisschop

The first Wellbeing Director in Belgium :-), Author of 2 books, Keynote speaker & Wellbeing consultant

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