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Future & Trends

Society has undergone fundamental changes, and disruption was already a constant presence. Get ready for what lies ahead in the evolving landscape of the future and emerging trends.

Future Mindset

Tom Palmaerts

Are you ready for the future?

Building a Better Business Together

Tom De Ruyck

4 Characteristics of a Future Proof Organization

Never finished

Martijn Aslander

Based on the book nominated for Management Book of the Year 2016

The World we make After The Corona Shock

Johan Albrecht

How the corona crisis can strengthen the resilience of our economy and society

Future Trends

Christophe Jauquet

The Transformational Economy

Consumers in 2030

Tom Palmaerts

Imagine future possibilities

It's the end of the world as we know it

Geert Martens

but I feel fine!

Business and life in the Day after COVID-19

Rik Vera

Become future proof as a company. The time to act is NOW!

Welcome to the future; a new reality!

Richard van Hooijdonk

Managing uncertainty is becoming an increasingly important skill, but how do you do this?

The future is hybrid

Geert Martens

The future with AI

Jo Caudron

The current AI revolution is changing everything, but not in the way you might think…

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