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Consumers in 2030

Imagine future possibilities

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We can’t predict the future, but by framing cultural thrills and innovations we can imaging future possibilities. In this lecture we jump 10 years ahead to understand to biggest societal changes. Future thinking is only interesting when you can start working on it today.  Topics: Demographical shifts, Mobility, Cities, Fashion, Food, Technology, Work - life balance.

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Tom Palmaerts is a thought leader on consumer attitudes and behavior in a changing world. He is an acclaimed keynote speaker, trend consultant, author, and managing partner at Trendwolves, a full-service trend-watching agency focusing on young consumers and modern families. Palmaerts excels in understanding and identifying opportunities within broader cultural trends.

His notable achievements include:

  • 2019: Publication of 'Ready or Not: 11 Ways to Become Future Proof' (Lannoo, Dutch)

  • 2017: Co-founded 'La Madrugada,' a vineyard in Mendoza, Argentina, as a side project with three friends

  • 2015: Publication of 'Futures' (Lannoo, Dutch), co-written with Herman Konings and Joeri Van den Bergh

  • 2014: Initiated hosting Futuro getaway sessions in Italy three times a year

  • 2013: Awarded Trendwatcher of The Year

  • 2010: Became a board member of the music and art community Subbacultcha

  • 2008: Recognized as "Youth Trend Specialist of the Year" by the Dutch trendwatching platform Second Sight

  • 2007: Joined Trendwolves

  • 2002 - 2007: Conducted research on youth subcultures at Ladda

Tom Palmaerts

One goal in mind: Giving people an appetite for the future.

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