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Never finished

Based on the book nominated for Management Book of the Year 2016

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New technologies, forms of collaboration and revenue models: the newspapers are full of them. The changes are now happening so fast that our organizations and ways of working, which are still focused on finding long-term solutions, are increasingly getting stuck. 

The keynote is about what happens now that everyone can publish, duplicate and produce freely and what the impact is on society and the economy when people do this not only for financial reasons, but also to contribute to a better world. This creates unprecedented opportunities that are also constantly getting bigger and better. There is no time at all for permanent solutions.

Citizens, companies and organizations must learn to embrace the Never-Never-ending Principle. We have to manage our affairs with solutions that are temporary, so that we can constantly adapt and improve. This requires a totally new look at the fundamentals of our lives: work, school, living, relationships, governmental functions, management and legislation. 

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Martijn Aslander has been one of the most experienced speakers in the field of the network and information society for more than 15 years. His books Easycracy and Never finished are standard reading material for many managers. As a standup philosopher, he researches and articulates possibilities for tackling problems and capitalizing on opportunities every day. In his keynote, Digital Fitness he is once again pioneering the future of work. Martijn Aslander 'looks' at the world through a social and economic lens. With passion and humor he maps out the complex impact of technology on society for his audience. He describes the current and future implications of these developments for the networked information society. Martijn is a hands-on inspirator who explains in an accessible way what is going on in this world. He synthesizes this into an understandable picture of what is going on and what it means for organizations, business models, markets and innovation. His unique ability to challenge business-leaders and help them think outside the box has brought him into boardrooms around the world. He helps business-leaders of global brands to future-proof their operations. Martijn likes to shake things up, make the audience wonder, but also inspire people. In doing so, he offers his audience actionable insights.

Martijn Aslander

Tech philosopher, professional lifehacker and connector of people, information and ideas.

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