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Jochen Roef

Firm believer in human machine collaboration and domain expert "AI in HR"

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Speaker, Workshops, Consultant

Dutch, English

Artificial Intelligence, Human Resources, Human - Machine Symbiosis


Jochen Roef (1979) is former founder of Blinc and current founder/CEO of, both trend-setting companies in their market segment. Jochen is passionate about innovation, HR and entrepreneurship. 

After obtaining his master's degree in psychology, he entered several commercial and people management positions, which nurtured his fascination for human talent and diversity. 

He authored 2 books and co-developed the RIO method, a groud-breaking methodology that creates hyperpersonalized human2human experiences. 

Nowadays, Jochen creates pioneering AI applications that help HR departments worldwide augment and revolutionize recruitment processes.


The future of HR, today!

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Make your HR practices future proof

AI in HR: What’s real?!

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Clarifying 7 misconceptions about HR technology in 2024

During our Regional PSA EuroMed & Americas HR Workshop, we asked Jochen Roef to bring his vision on how AI will influence the future of how we work within HR.
Not only legal requirements were tackled, the consequences of the AI Act for HR applications, but also several use cases, triggered the full attention of the attendees.
Needless to say that the reactions of our colleagues were unanimously positive. Not only the topic itself was inspirings, but also the way it was presented was very much appreciated by our audience. Thanks, Jochen!

PSA Antwerp

Wim Van Roy, Manager PSA University EuroMed & Americas Region

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