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Cedric Dumont

Adventurer, Performance Psychologist, Speaker and Author.

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French, Dutch, English

Resilience, Trust, Leadership, Growth Mindset, Purpose, Collaboration


Born in Brussels, Belgium, Cedric has always been involved in action and adventure sports. He is a pioneer in base jumping and wingsuit flying and has been a member of the Red Bull team since 2000. "For me, it's all about freedom, commitment, and pushing your limits. It takes me to amazing places, teaches me respect for the environment and others, motivates me to improve, and keeps me humble on those high gravity days."

Cedric studied High-Performance Psychology. Fascinated by the power of the mind, he began by giving fellow professional athletes the mental edge and skills necessary to achieve their goals and unleash their full potential. In extreme environments where one is expected to perform and assess risks, hyper-awareness has been the foundation of his consistent performance and survival—it's either flow or die! "Living a comprehensive lifestyle and being in the present moment are key. This includes energy management, feeding the mind with healthy insights, and generating positive thoughts."

Cedric divides his time between leading expeditions, flying, speaking, writing, and consulting for elite athletes and major companies worldwide.


Dare to jump!

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Empower success in times of disruption: dare, lead, grow and flow

Having Cedric with us was a privilege and a truly inspiring experience. Cedric’s talk was outstanding, extremely inspirational and it hit the sweet spot of our narrative for the whole week. My team’s feedback has been nothing but amazing and they keep referencing him and a lot of the quotes and power skills he shared with us. I was really impressed by Cedric’s ability to connect with the audience and deliver such a powerful message, one that was totally relevant and even felt like customized for our team and our context. BTW his knowledge and passion for Football were the cherry on top of the cake!

Nike Global

Camilo Andrade, Marketing

Cedric, always a pleasure to interact and work together, this one for this audience.... exceeded my wildest expectations. Thanks for bringing your authentic self, inspiring everyone in the room to bring their best.... in the face of all resistance, blockers, doubt and fear. Best rated session of the two day event.

Microsoft Central & Eastern Europe

Philippe Rogge, CEO

I would like to thank you for the impactful speech you gave to our IFS team. I am optimistic that your guidance will help my teams in their journey of change and to become more positive towards potential challenges. 

PwC Belgium

Axel Smits, Chairman and Senior Partner

Having Cedric join our team meeting was a great experience: his unique humble style combined with his impressive story was a perfect fit with the purpose of our team, providing a different perspective to realities that we encounter in delivering our ambitions. His appearance was a great and very nice surprise for the team, generating overwhelmingly positive instant feedback and multiple subsequent recollections and references. Many thanks! 


Petr Prazsky, General Manager, Global Network Development

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