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Brecht Buysschaert

On a mission to make the world a better place by creating health & wellbeing at work

Dutch, English


Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Workshops


Health and well-being management



HR, company culture & leadership


Brecht studied Physical Education at KU Leuven, graduating in 2004. After a decade in international sales for various Belgian top companies, Brecht decided to step away from the rat race and pursue his own mission: Health & Well-being at Work. 

In 2014, he founded Springbok Coaching. Today, Brecht, along with business partner Diederik Joukes, leads a team of 10 well-being consultants and health coaches, supplemented by 100 ad hoc coaches. They have made a significant impact in over 150 companies with their long-term approach to giving well-being at work the attention it deserves. 

In 2020, Brecht authored the book "Whealthy Workplaces," a practical guide filled with tips and inspiring testimonials from prominent leaders.

Presentations and Topics

Resilience & wellbeing

5 Stepstones to a Whealthy Workplace

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Investing in Workplace Well-being, a Win-Win-Win

HR, company culture & leadership

A Bumpy Road with 5 Milestones

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Navigating Challenges, Embracing Growth: A CEO's Odyssey through Entrepreneurial Terrain

Resilience & wellbeing

From I-care to WE-care

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Empowering Well-being: The Journey from Self-Care to Collective Care

HR, company culture & leadership

Half day teambuilding: the power of team dynamics

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Interesting keynote, followed by fun workshops improving team cohesion

Testimonials & References

“Good afternoon Brecht, your workshop was great! It is extremely important content and you are an enthusiastic speaker, so the message certainly got across. Good luck!” 

Liselotte Fluvius  

“Health is the foundation of employees' ability to work and well-being. We at AZ Delta are convinced of this. After all, we not only take care of patients but also of our employees. Springbok Brecht inspired us an entire afternoon with advice and coaching on our WOW health policy within AZ Delta. With the Healthy Working Award in our pocket, and the advice of Springbok Coaching, we're ready to improve our health policy to a higher level. Thank you very much!” 

Ahlam Essadki  AZ DELTA 

“Based on his passion for human wellbeing and health, Brecht has provided insight to the course participants "Corporate Vitality Manager" in a very inspiring, realistic and clear way. After this session, the practice has become much clearer for the participants. They are armed to further promote corporate Vitality.” 

Marleen Vanlierde Syntra Midden Vlaanderen  

“Thanks again for joining us. I really found this a great keynote and I really hope to get back in touch with the people (incl. management) in order to spread the positive virus in the company!” 

Laura Imperial Meat Products

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