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5 Stepstones to a Whealthy Workplace

Investing in Workplace Well-being, a Win-Win-Win

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Discover how to create a company culture where your employees thrive. Explore the five fundamental elements of a genuine whealthy workplace with practical examples, showcasing how they are applied at Springbok Coaching—walking the talk! This covers:

  • The values and norms of your company that form the foundation.

  • Your role as an inspiring and supportive leader, authentic and vulnerable.

  • Bringing like-minded individuals together in a connected team as a close-knit community.

  • Taking care of your own body, mind, and soul to work in a relaxed manner and provide freedom and trust.

  • Creating a pleasant 'blue zone' work environment that stimulates creativity and productivity.

Brecht presents all of this in a highly authentic and simultaneously practical manner—expertly and passionately. Tailored entirely to the audience in the room.

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Brecht studied Physical Education at KU Leuven, graduating in 2004. After a decade in international sales for various Belgian top companies, Brecht decided to step away from the rat race and pursue his own mission: Health & Well-being at Work. 

In 2014, he founded Springbok Coaching. Today, Brecht, along with business partner Diederik Joukes, leads a team of 10 well-being consultants and health coaches, supplemented by 100 ad hoc coaches. They have made a significant impact in over 150 companies with their long-term approach to giving well-being at work the attention it deserves. 

In 2020, Brecht authored the book "Whealthy Workplaces," a practical guide filled with tips and inspiring testimonials from prominent leaders.

Brecht Buysschaert

On a mission to make the world a better place by creating health & wellbeing at work

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