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Not only girls just wanna have fun

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

It's the title of one of Cindy Lauper's hits and she's right. So is the English proverb all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Though Speakersbase lives by its credo "inspire, learn and grow", we strongly believe there is also a place and time for recharging our batteries. Queen Elisabeth referred to 2020 as annus horribilis and 2021 wasn't any better. We are advocates of inserting some fun in the professional context. Your employees are craving for it.

That's why we give you an overview of the more entertaining section in our offering. Trust us, it's gonna be worth your while. In these times of social distancing, laughing together is as close as you can get to a hug without touching.

Fun Teambuilding, based on improvisational theatre. Charlotte helps your team to relax and laugh together and feel connected.

You don't play scenes and no one is put under pressure. It's just fun, bonding and spending feel-good time with the team!

How to boost cohesion in a hybrid team?

Julie takes you on a journey to boost the cohesion on your phygital workfloor, with very practical tips and tricks.

Expect a workshop full of interactivity for your team cohesion.

Perfect for crafting a better employee experience!

No more boring webinars!

In 99 minutes, you will get 21,5 interactive methods to boost the engagement during your own webinars. Most methods that he will share are very simple (you don't have to be a technical wizard), easy to implement and requires between 1-5 minutes of your 'valuable' meeting time but will boost the attention span of your audience.

Healthy Online Teambuilding!

Cook together and learn what you can do to reset your body after the end of year festivities.

During this very practical (online) workshop, Goedele will explain how to detox your body ànd how to prepare detoxing meals and juices!

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