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Improve the team cohesion

How to boost cohesion in a hybrid team?

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Working in hybrid teams is becoming the new normal for many amongst us. “And how do we deal with that to make sure our people remain energized in their work?” That is a question we want to dive in to. 

Because organizations, caring to keep their workforce engaged, look for tools to boost the sense of belonging amongst their employees. They craft unique employee experiences with strong communication to connect the individuals and teams with each other and the higher purpose of the organization.  

Interested to know how to get started? Looking for inspiration in order to craft a better employee experience? 

Julie takes you on a journey to boost the cohesion on your phygital workfloor, with very practical tips and tricks. Expect a workshop full of interactivity for your team cohesion.


Julie deeply believes that engaged employees feel a higher sense of belonging which results in stronger brands and better performance. She experienced this several times during her own career and as a consultant in multinationals as well as SMEs. There is a huge difference between “my job is ok” and “I love my job”. Knowing that Gallup Research in 2019 points out that only 15% of the employees worldwide “love” their job, we understand there is a major challenge. And in addition, this will only grow in importance in a more digital world in these (post)COVID days. Think about the quote of Frederik Anseel: “The more digital we become, the more human we have to be.“ So… how do you build a strong sense of belonging on the workfloor? That’s a question Julie loves to dive in to with you.
In order to help companies with this, she founded her own company - Flowspire - in 2019. The name reflects: to find flow (energy) and inspire others inside and outside your company in order to create a movement. Not only does she care deeply about this topic, Julie brings in 15 years of experience in marketing, change facilitation and positive psychology. She combines her result-oriented focus with a warm heart for people. And describes herself as an Employee Engagement Architect that drives your company to a higher engagement, stronger brand and thus better results.
She will energize you with tons of insights and tips & tricks.

Julie Heyvaert

Employee Engagement Architect. Julie’s mission is to drive for more human energy on the workfloor.

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