Brecht Buysschaert

Workplace Health and Well-being champ with a dream to make the world a better place by creating Whealthy Workplaces.

For more than 10 years Brecht Buysschaert has been active in several international companies and held various management positions. In 2014 he founded Springbok health coaching at work and today Brecht is a frequently asked keynote speaker because of his authentic and energetic approach in storytelling.
With the experience and know-how from Springbok (2014-2020) in over 100 company-cases, several expert Master trainings on health and well-being (UK, USA), inspiration health and well-being tours to The Netherlands (futureproof workplaces) and Danmark (hygge at work) combined with the knowledge from the conversations with lots of subject matter experts during his #walkyourtalks (podcasts), he now inspires many (future) leaders and organisations towards whealthy workplaces with tons of his positivity.



Dutch, English

Mental Resilience & Wellbeing, HR & Company Culture


Speaker, Trainer


Health and well-being management

Presentations and Topics

Whealthy Workplaces, Whealthy Employees

A keynote full of disruptive thoughts and inspiring ‘daily life’ stories on the positive impact of whealthy employees in futureproof workplaces. Brecht will provide you with lots of tips and tricks to make your co-workers your best ambassadors.  

We treat you with the following optional subjects – content to discuss, blended or solo slim:  

  • The 5 strategic stepstones for the creation of a successful workplace health and well-being management.  

  • The 6 secret ingredients that make whealthy employees flourish in a whealthy organisation

  • Inspirational leadership lessons from Brecht's popular walk your talk-interviews

The Whealthy Leader

What’s your whealthitude as a leader?

  • inspiring and embracing your co-workers, the power of role modeling 

  • insights from the wolfpack  

  • how to create your health and well-being champions at work 

ROI + VOI = WIN WIN WIN for the organisation, the employer and society 

  • 12 reasons why you should invest as a leader in workplace health and well-being management - “Happy and healthy cows produce more milk”

A healthy lifestyle as a super pill during Covid times

This webinar is about promoting healthy lifestyle habits for remote workers to tackle covid-challenges with practical tips and tricks …

  • Move more often or why sitting is your modern killer

  • Eat wise and boost your immune system

  • Mental Resilience in a VUCA world

  • Power of sleep and sufficient rest

  • The importance of a healthy environment, nudging yourself

  • Working in true connection with your co-workers

  • Keeping your positive mindset when fear and depression are all over the place

My entrepreneurial bumpy journey

“Don’t dream it be it” – why and how Brecht tackled presenteïsm and left my golden cage. 

  • “When you’re living the best version of yourself, you inspire others to live the best versions of themselves” (S. Marabol) 

  • “A burning passion coupled with absolute detachment is the key to all success” (Mahatma Ghandi)   

Work-life integration: Brecht's lessons learned to a lifetime happier and healthier existence 

  • Flight of the falcon – the power of slow-motion #pauzeprinciple  Right people on your bus on the right seat, wrong people of your bus 

  • Manipulator vs motivator – the importance of self-knowledge 

  • Authenticity above all 

  • O,0000000…0% compromises on top-end quality service level

Testimonials & References

“Good afternoon Brecht, your workshop was great! It is extremely important content and you are an enthusiastic speaker, so the message certainly got across. Good luck!” 

Liselotte Fluvius  

“Health is the foundation of employees' ability to work and well-being. We at AZ Delta are convinced of this. After all, we not only take care of patients but also of our employees. Springbok Brecht inspired us an entire afternoon with advice and coaching on our WOW health policy within AZ Delta. With the Healthy Working Award in our pocket, and the advice of Springbok Coaching, we're ready to improve our health policy to a higher level. Thank you very much!” 

Ahlam Essadki  AZ DELTA 

“Based on his passion for human wellbeing and health, Brecht has provided insight to the course participants "Corporate Vitality Manager" in a very inspiring, realistic and clear way. After this session, the practice has become much clearer for the participants. They are armed to further promote corporate Vitality.” 

Marleen Vanlierde Syntra Midden Vlaanderen  

“Thanks again for joining us. I really found this a great keynote and I really hope to get back in touch with the people (incl. management) in order to spread the positive virus in the company!” 

Laura Imperial Meat Products

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