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Minke Tromp

Applied Philosopher, entrepreneur, author and speaker with a passion for connecting wisdom and impact from a philosophical/anthropological perspective to provide added value

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Speaker, Workshops

English, Dutch

philosophy, leadership, art of questioning


Minke's extensive experience as a boardroom consultant/coach and as a speaker/guest lecturer makes her the ideal conversation partner for navigating choices, decisions, and determinations. She enhances your capacity for critical thinking and provides alternative solution perspectives, enabling you to forge not only better but also stronger connections with yourself and your environment.


Wisdom and Impact

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Create magnanimous leadership, beyond doubt

Timeliness is different from urgency

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Timeliness is about making the right decisions at the right moment

Blind Spots

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What don't you see (about yourself) that still influences your relationship with others?

Wisdom and Leadership

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Are we doing the right things and perceiving them correctly?

I have become aware of my doubts and, with the help of Minke, strengthened my own thinking capacity, utilizing doubts as a foundation for wisdom and impact.

Janet Nieboer

Minke pulls you out of entrenched thought patterns and shows you a broader perspective.

David Versteeg

....under pressure, daring to think slowly, the most beautiful learning experience so far.

Joost Sluijs

...together with ambitious peers in search of discomfort to sharpen oneself, Minke offers that.

Eugenie Buuron

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