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Johan Terryn

Media content creator & Soulpreneur, Speaker & Author on matters of the soul, creativity and positive thinking

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Speaker, Moderator, Coach, Workshops, Host

English, Dutch

Positive Thinking, Creative Thinking, Regret, Reframing, Throughfeel


Johan Terryn studied Language and Literature (UAntwerp) and Communication Science (UGent). He soon embarked on a career in media. Both in radio and TV, in public and commercial broadcasting. Johan discovered all genres there. From light entertainment to better documentary work. He wrote screenplays, did final editing, acted, presented and directed. Yet he remained hungry to grow substantively. He did this by following a professional coaching course. And to delve into NLP and Systemic work. As a Professional Certified Coach, he has been coaching TV stars and business leaders since 2017. Since 2020, he has been telling stories to better connect people with themselves and with each other. He conducted a major narrative study on 'mourning' in the podcast "Het uur blauw". That resulted in a book and a theater performance. He has a project about 'regret' with "Tot onze grote spijt" that includes a podcast, a book and a performance. He also writes columns for Radio 1 and hosts the podcast "Seks verandert alles" with Rika Ponnet.


How to stay positive in times of trouble? Reframe and Feel through.

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Being positive is not a mindset you can just turn on. You need to practise in thoughts and feelings.

The power of regret as a compass for the future

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How do you use regret as a feedback instrument to make better decisions in the future?

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