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Joachim De Vos

International keynote speaker, author, business owner/executive & professor foresight. Focus on future, technology, foresight, strategy and innovation and how to prepare your organization.

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English, Dutch

future, innovation, foresight, technology, strategy, future scenario thinking


Joachim De Vos (Professor, MSc. Eng. MBA) has been a prominent figure at Living Tomorrow since 1995, a premier international innovation platform engaging with over 5 million visitors to explore potential futures. In 2007, he founded TomorrowLab, an innovation consulting firm that has collaborated with more than 600 companies on various aspects of innovation, future strategy, technology, and open innovation. Concurrently, he serves as a professor of scenario planning at the University of Ghent. Additionally, he is the author of the book "Why Innovation Fails," which delves into the saga of Kodak alongside the digital camera's inventor, Steven Sasson.

Joachim is renowned for his insights into the future and how organizations can navigate forthcoming changes. He speaks with fervor, vision, and keen insight, drawing from his extensive practical experience working with diverse companies and understanding consumer perspectives. Whether discussing the unfolding landscape of tomorrow or preparing organizations for imminent shifts, Joachim brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table.


Why Innovation Fails & 7 Keys to Success

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How to innovate your organisation to stay relevant in these challenging times? The do's and don'ts of sustainable innovation.

The 7 keys to innovate from Joachim's keynotes are mandatory insights for every preceptive business leaders who wants to build a future-proof organisation.


Fadel Al Faraj, CEO

I was happy to be here today and certainly impressed with what I saw from Joachim and his teams at Living Tomorrow.

Bill Gates

We live in times of uncertainty, but Joachim De Vos gives us hope in Why Innovation Fails. He offers practical insights and ideas to keep believing in the future. I was able to see up close how innovation is his life and how he and his teams open the eyes of companies, governments and cities for the unknown. ' The future is ours' is his message.

Herman Van Rompuy, President Em. European Council, Minister of State

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