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Joachim De Vos

International keynote speaker, author, business owner/executive & professor foresight. Focus on future, technology, foresight, strategy and innovation and how to prepare your organization.

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future, innovation, foresight, technology, strategy, future scenario thinking



The Post-Corona Future; Technology, transformation & innovation; Business and Strategy


Joachim De Vos (prof, MSc. ing. MBA), since 1995 top exec at Living Tomorrow, the leading international innovation platform connecting with 5M+ visitors about how the future could look like. He started TomorrowLab in 2007 as innovation consulting company working with over 600 companies on innovation, future strategy, technology and open innovation. He is a professor scenario planning at the University of Ghent. He is author of the book “Why Innovation Fails” bringing the real story of Kodak together with the inventor of the digital camera, Steven Sasson. Joachim talks about the future, how it could unfold and how to prepare your organization for this change. He talks with passion, vision, insight and most important practical experience with all these companies and consumer insights.

Presentations and Topics

Technology, transformation & innovation

Why Innovation Fails & 7 Keys to Success

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How to innovate your organisation to stay relevant in these challenging times? The do's and don'ts of sustainable innovation.

Testimonials & References

We live in times of uncertainty, but Joachim De Vos gives us hope in Why Innovation Fails. He offers practical insights and ideas to keep believing in the future. I was able to see up close how innovation is his life and how he and his teams open the eyes of companies, governments and cities for the unknown. ' The future is ours' is his message 

-- Herman Van Rompuy, President Em. European Council, Minister of State  

I was happy to be here today and certainly impressed with what I saw from Joachim and his teams at Living Tomorrow 

-- Bill Gates  

The 7 keys to innovate from Joachim's keynotes are mandatory insights for every preceptive business leaders who wants to build a future-proof organisation 

-- Fadel Al Faraj, CEO Q8 Italy and former CEO Q8 North-West Europe

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