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Fatima Llouh

Octopus with various tentacles: millennial, single mom, daughter of migration, Moroccan roots, from midwife to communication strategist DE&I (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion), storyteller

Dutch, English, French


Speaker, Moderator, Workshops, Host, Consultant


female empowerment, intergenerational stories, women with migration background, inclusion and diversity



Resilience & wellbeing; Business and Strategy


Fatima is not the most famous Flemish personality, or a big name you see everywhere. Yet, it's worth having your audience listen to her story. 

In her keynotes Fatima shares insights from her book, "Unapologetically Ourselves," written in collaboration with over 20 inspiring women. She interviewed them about intergenerational traumas and strengths, the challenges of migration, and the untapped potential of women. 

These stories form the foundation of her mission: engaging in a societal dialogue about how we perceive women, our daughters, women with migration backgrounds. It's a conversation about how we shape, break, mold, and guide women. A societal conversation about what's in our backpacks and what we do with it. Do we pass on what we know as the millennial generation, or do we challenge ourselves and our history? The story she tells is relevant to society as a whole, all layers of the population, all professional sectors. Because women are everywhere. And fortunately so! 

Embark on a genuine exploration journey together with her and your audience. Fatima lets you peek into the backpacks of the women she has spoken to, tells about the imprint migration has left on them, about the invisible pains and equally invisible strength of women. 

Why book her? 

  • She brings an authentic story: As a 36-year-old woman with a multidimensional identity, she understands the journey through generations like no other. Her story is infused with personal experiences, challenges, and triumphs that come straight from the heart. 

  • Inspiring testimonies: Her book is filled with stories from women from all walks of society. These are not fairy tales but real, raw, and inspiring stories of women who have embraced their uniqueness and found their strength. 

  • Interaction with your audience: Her keynote is not a one-way street. Using interactive tools, she engages with your audience, shares anonymous experiences, and builds a sense of community during her session. 

And if it's not to talk about the book, then perhaps for one of her two other areas of expertise: 

  • Interview skills and emcee: Thanks to her training at WHY5 Research, she possesses the right interview skills. Additionally, she enjoys being a host! Looking for a moderator or host for your event? She has experience and is eager to expand it. 

  • Communication strategy at LDV United: As a communication strategist at the advertising agency LDV United, her expertise lies in Diversity and Inclusion. It's a theme she often speaks about. 

Looking for an inspiring session for your business event on inclusive communication and marketing? She's a delightful choice!

Presentations and Topics

Sales, marketing & customer experience

Inclusive marketing and communication

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The value of inclusive communication

Testimonials & References

Fatima is a master storyteller; each sentence sparks new curiosity. I long for more from her!

She narrates with passion, conviction, and love for the audience.

I felt alone in this world for a long time until I heard Fatima's story. I felt supported, understood, and heard, even without her directly speaking to me. Highly recommended for everyone!

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Lieve Blancquaert

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