Jo Caudron

Digital pioneer with a passion for transformation and strategy. Author, advisor and speaker.

Jo is a digital pioneer with over 25 years of experience. He is a transformation strategist, passionate about innovation and change and how digital is impacting society and business.

As a well-known keynote speaker, he has been on hundreds of stages, in about every European country and beyond. He is also one of the first to translate his keynotes to Corona-proof digital events.

He has (co-)written several books on different transformational topics. His latest book The World Is Round (De Wereld Is Rond) deals with the transformation of society and how to plan for that, beyond Corona.

He is also an advisor to many companies in different industries: finance, media, retail, industrial, food, ... He does this from his strategy boutique Scopernia, with offices in Ghent and Dubai.





Dutch, English

Technology, Transformation & Innovation, Post-Corona Future, Business, Strategy and Management

Speaker, Executive workshops

De Wereld Is Rond, The World Is Round, Digital Transformation, Societal Transformation

Presentations and Topics

The World Is Round - In Search Of The Post-Corona Future

In his latest book "The World Is Round", Jo describes how we could live differently, a decade from now. 

He starts from the many challenges of today and searches for an optimistic world view in which we work and live in Urban Villages, where we buy more online, where education is not necessarily given in schools, where care is organised differently, where we move less and in which production and even agriculture partly return to where we consume. 

As a result of the Corona crisis, many of his ideas have suddenly become a new reality. Where his book gave us ample time to reflect upon this distant future, the Coronacrisis forces us abruptly to think about tomorrow's world. 

Will the Corona Pendulum swing back entirely to the old habits as soon as possible, or is there really going to be a New Normal? 

In this presentation, Jo goes in search of what that world might look like both in the near future as in a decade from now. It provides it a framework to deal with the many challenges and uncertainties that we are facing today and tomorrow.

Jo worked out two different formats: a traditional (online) keynote plus Q&a or a more interactive version that discusses the key topics in a more talkshow-style format. 

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Testimonials & References

After hearing Jo's presentation ... I belong now to the excited group of people, based on an optimistic vision of a future that is already starting to happen today.

Marc Hendrickx, Vice President Business Development at Maxion Wheels

Round is better, says Jo Caudron in his excellent book 'The World is Round'. You have to orient yourself broadly in order to be future-proof as a company. I have read the book with a lot of interest and pleasure! Really recommendable!

Elly Stroo Cloeck, Member of the jury, 2020

The eye opener is ... that it helps notice, in the present, all the elements that he puzzles together to envision his future. I hope that in 2030 we can look back and say: “Jo was right, it took some hurdles, but we are living in a greener, more social and more friendly world than we ever lived in”.

Rik Coeckelbergs, Independent Advisor, Opinion Maker and Speaker

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