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Tom Ryckaert

Passionate to thrive towards a sustainable and future proof work environment! Author, advisor and speaker.

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Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Consultant, Workshops

English, Dutch

Facility Management, Workplace of the Future, Sustainable Work Environment


With over two decades of expertise in the facility and real estate market, Tom Ryckaert has dedicated his career to revolutionizing the way we perceive and interact with our work environments. His extensive experience spans national and international platforms, where he has collaborated with industry leaders to optimize facility and workplace environments, placing a premium on customer satisfaction and well-being.

Tom's passion for enhancing employee experiences led him to co-found 2nRich alongside Kathleen Louckx in March 2023. At 2nRich, their mission is simple yet profound: prioritizing the well-being of employees and creating environments where happiness and productivity flourish. With a focus on the intersection of workplace design and facility management.

Currently serving as the Marketing & Communications Director at PROCOS Group, Tom continues to champion the cause of better workplaces under the motto "For better days on the job." His leadership extends as a board member of IFMA Belgium (International Facility Management Association), where he spearheads innovation and technology initiatives, driving progress in the field of facility management.


Greening the Office

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Navigating ESG in the future workplace

Disruptive Workplaces

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How to create your sustainable and future proof work environment

Bringing back the team

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Post Corona: leverage the workplace as a catalyst to reunite teams

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