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Rudy de Waele

Keynote speaker inspiring leaders with innovative and collaborative learning methods and tools to transform your leadership and teams.

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Speaker, Moderator, Host, Workshops, Consultant

Dutch, English, French, Spanish

Leadership, Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Regeneration, Health and well-being


Rudy’s mission is to create talks, workshops, learning programs and experiences, to facilitate innovation and transformation in the fields of leadership and company culture, ethical technology, and regenerative economics. 

His work puts the focus on responsible, compassionate, and courageous leadership to address today’s complex societal and business challenges, based on personal development, purposeful action, and the community / collective, in service to life, and for all generations to come.

He uses art, technology, music, meditation, ancient cultural wisdom, and personal transformation techniques to raise consciousness and guide people to become the best version of themselves leaving centuries-old patriarchal and ego-centred thinking behind.

Rudy graduated from Singularity University in 2011, the Socratic Design Academy in 2016, and the Bio-Leadership Project in 2023.

Through these diverse learning programs and keeping an endless curiosity in human development, he has gathered rare and unique sentience to understand the future from the past and mould a unique essential vision to lead today. His unparalleled experience, knowledge, and insight propels you to stay ahead of the curve.

His book “Shift 2020 – How Technology Will Impact Our Future”, released early in 2014, includes visionary and impactful predictions from some of the world’s leading technology experts and presents still today a rare prescience in a notoriously unpredictable landscape.

He has helped diverse global brands such as ABN AMRO, Adobe, Baloise, Bayer, Boston Consulting Group, BMW, Cap Gemini, Coca-Cola, FedEx, Fujitsu, Google, IBM, Intel, Intesa Sanpaolo, Investcorp, KPMG, Louis Vuitton, Mastercard, Microsoft, NEC, Orange, PayPal, Pfizer, Royal Bank of Canada, Samsung, Telefonica, Vodafone and World Bank.


How to Stay Human in the Age of AI

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Where will be the value of humans in the workplace of the future?

Elevate Collaboration with the Transformative Power of Socratic Dialogue!

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Unlock the potential of collaborative thinking and co-creation to foster meaningful dialogue and enhance the art of active listening.

Energetic Balance Workshop

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🌟 Discover Balance and Prosperity with this Energetic Balance Workshop! 🌟

Rudy gave a fantastic keynote speech at the beginning of our symposium on the future of work in the context of the growing power of artificial intelligence and robotics. The talk was very inspiring and gave an excellent perspective on the current transition in the manufacturing and service industries and on the likely future role of machines. The feedback we got from the audience on his talk was very enthusiastic.

Geneva School of Business Administration

Head of Research

Rudy delivered a superb keynote stimulus presentation on ‘The 10 most disruptive IoT innovations everyone should know about’ at BearingPoint’s European customer event for 250 delegates. His knowledge, insights and creative delivery style and content was, as ever, very impressive.


Simon Torrance, Senior Advisor

Rudy de Waele was the opening keynote speaker for our first IT Masters CON Monterrey, which gathered a crowd of 250+ attendees from the most important companies in the north of Mexico. He spoke about conscious business, future technology, and the importance of ethics and personal change looking forward. It was superb! He is a very experienced speaker, with a clear narrative and a kind and warm personality. We were thrilled to have him and is welcome again anytime.


Monica Mistretta, CEO

Everybody can talk about the future but not everybody can make sense out of it. Rudy is brilliant at that: he presents the different aspects of disruptive technologies and explains how those will affect business, society and our personal lives. He made a fantastic kick-off to the Leaders’ Congress in Slovenia. Just mesmerizing.

Managers’ Association of Slovenia

Sonja Smuk, Executive Director

Rudy delivered an excellent session on future trends and also participated in a fascinating on-stage interview on future innovation and conscious leadership at the AIS ‘Academy for Thais’. This event attracted over 3,000 senior executives and business owners to explore digital transformation. Rudy’s contribution was insightful and inspiring as it opened the audience’s eyes to the speed and scope of disruption. Rudy has a very strong grasp of where the world is now and where it might be heading depending upon the decisions and actions we take as leaders today.

Southeast Asia Center (SEAC)

Arinya Talerngsri, Managing Director

Rudy did the opening keynote of the 4th edition of our flagship event – La Digital Tech Conference – which this year also featured speakers from Google, Amazon, and Mozilla. Our participant survey showed that Rudy’s section came out on the top of the most favourite moments of the event. Congratulation Rudy! In addition to delivering a great speech with many audiovisual illustrations, Rudy is very professional and easy to work with, both in the preparation phase, during and after the event. Warmly recommended.

Le Poool

Stanislas Hintzy, Managing Director

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