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Pieter Van Leugenhagen

Pieter is a VR/AR & Metaverse Strategist - Keynote Speaker successfully venturing in XR for 8 years, working with national and international brands.

Dutch, English


Speaker, Moderator, Host


Metaverse, virtual reality, augmented reality, virtual worlds, brands



Sales, marketing & customer experience; Business and strategy; Technology, transformation & innovation


Pieter is founder of yondr and the VRTL Academy and he's a true immersive marketing evangelist, and a visionary strategist at that. He’s been at the helm of virtual reality & metaverse entrepreneurship since 2014, successfully venturing beyond the gimmick by pushing boundaries and forging strategic partnerships.

Being knee-deep in AR and VR, Pieter tells you exactly what to expect from this tech today and in the near future. Next, he’ll show you just how AR and VR are fast becoming the go-to gateway to the metaverse.

Presentations and Topics

Technology, transformation & innovation

Meet you in the metaverse

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