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Navigating the New Dimension: A Journey Through Spatial Computing

Embark on a fascinating exploration of the latest computing paradigm that is redefining our digital world

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In this enlightening session, Pieter embarks on a fascinating exploration of the latest computing paradigm that is redefining our digital world: Spatial Computing. 

Following the eras of traditional and mobile computing, we now stand at the threshold of a groundbreaking new era. Spatial Computing is not just a technological evolution; it's a revolution that brings with it an array of new applications, significant disruptions, and innovative business models. This transformative technology has far-reaching implications. 

In this keynote, Pieter delves into the myriad opportunities and emerging trends within this domain. Prepare to equip yourself and your brand for a future shaped by the limitless possibilities of Spatial Computing.

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Pieter is an all-around entrepreneur, public speaker, author and business strategist with a fondness for immersive experiences. 

As co-founder and managing partner of yondr, Pieter has been pioneering internationally in the field of virtual and augmented reality for 10 years. Yondr is a creative agency that focuses on mixed reality, building virtual worlds, and digital experiences. 

He's also the author of the bestseller 'Welcome to the Metaverse' and 'Navigating the New Dimension, A Journey Through Spatial Computing', in which he offers insights into how the three-dimensionalization of our internet will impact our lives and work, and how all this becomes clearer through the evolution of computing.

Pieter Van Leugenhagen

Pieter is a VR/AR & Metaverse Strategist - Keynote Speaker successfully venturing in XR for 8 years, working with national and international brands.

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