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Peter Decuypere

Passionate keynote speaker, marketing and event expert, makes you think and laugh. He founded I Love Techno and Fuse, consults top brands, and authored three acclaimed books.

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Speaker, Workshops, Consultant

Dutch, English

Marketing, Event Experience, Entrepreneurship, Sustainability of Events, Branding


Peter Decuypere is a passionate and inspirational (TEDx) keynote speaker known for his thought-entertaining and sometimes provoking presentations on subjects such as marketing, events and sustainability. 

With a background in philosophy, he approaches events, marketing, sustainability, management and life in general with a surprising, visionary perspective. 

As the founding father of the world-renowned techno brands I Love Techno and Fuse, Peter's insights in the industry are significant. After selling his company to Live Nation he continued his work as a consultant for prestigious clients like Warmste Week, WeCanDance, the Flemish Government, and Time Warp. 

Peter has authored several bestselling books, including "We Love Events," "Holy Trinity Events," and "Success in 7 Failures," offering valuable insights from his entrepreneurial experience. 

Additionally, he’s a lecturer at several university colleges and writes thought-provoking editorials for De Morgen.


Success in 7 failures

Lees verder

A fascinating and inspiring story of success and failure and success and failure and renewed success

Holy Trinity Events

Lees verder

Events are about God, Jesus (ME-xperiences) and the Holy Spirit (WE-xperiences)

Events are more sustainable than they realize

Lees verder

Discover how your events align with the UN's sustainable development goals

A positive keynote by a positive thinker! A must see, a must experience.

What a surprising end of his keynote! Peter brings us a vibrant conversation between Daft Punk and... Socrates.

From Tomorrowland to Gucci Gang to Burning Man, Peter's inspirational examples help event managers discover the experience value of events.

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