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Lesley Arens

#ZigZagHR | what if the best HR no longer is HR (?) | Learnatic | Du choc des idées jaillit la lumière (Nicolas Boileau)

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Moderator, Host

Dutch, English

Human Resources, HR Tech, Employee Engagement


Lesley is convinced that "zigzagging" is key for professionals, organizations and HR in order to thrive in today’s and tomorrow’s world of work. It al started in 2018 when she wrote "#ZigZagHR, why the best HR is no longer HR" together with professor Lisbeth Claus. The book brought into being an online community of HR professionals, entrepreneurs and business leaders that was eager for more. Since 2019 Lesley started gathering them by organizing "Connect & Learn" events where she shares best & next practices from progressive HR teams in Belgium. Not afraid to undertake new initiatives, Lesley launched a brand new HR magazine "#ZigZagHR: Rethink | Reboot |Retool HR".


Rethink | Reboot | Retool HR

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This keynote offers you an original performing and sustainable framework to explore what is expected and needed from HR today and tomorrow.   

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