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Hilde Helsen

Author, Public Speaker, Entrepreneur, Coach, Engineer, Networker, WHY girl #dreamerswhodo

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Speaker, Workshops, Coach, Consultant

Dutch, French, English

dreamderswhodo, getting things done, transition, letloverule


Fascinated from an early age by the way things function, Hilde Helsen started her career as an engineer in material sciences. Over time she became increasingly intrigued by the way people function. Coaching, transition and personal growth form an increasingly large part of Hilde’s daily thinking and actions. Connecting people is Hilde’s unique talent; inspiring people to rise above themselves is her mission. Her motto: Plus est en vous. Hilde Helsen was one of the first female civil engineers in a top position at an international company. She is author of the book DREAMERS who DO. She is passionate about helping people to rise above themselves and realising our collective dreams.


Dreamers who Do

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Each of us has a dream that we can realize with love and support from others

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