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The European climate priorities are shifting, but our commitment to sustainability remains strong!

Today, De Standaard reports that climate action doesn't seem to be a top priority for European leaders as it once was. The draft text prepared by Charles Michel's cabinet, President of the European Council, highlights five main priorities: defense, competitiveness, engagement with other regions to strengthen the international order, migration, and EU expansion. Interestingly, a 'climate-neutral, green, just, and social Europe' is no longer at the core of these priorities, in contrast to five years ago.

This shift doesn't mean climate and environmental policies are less important. Many of the major climate objectives, such as climate neutrality by 2050, are already legally established. Now, the focus is on implementation and staying on course, while there is still much work to be done in areas like defense, migration, and industrial policy. Nevertheless, some political leaders are also amplifying climate fatigue among voters.

Greenpeace finds the draft text concerning, stating, "Despite some lukewarm green buzzwords, this document puts Europe on a destructive path. If this becomes the EU's vision for the future, Europe will lose its international leadership in the fight against climate change."

At Speakersbase, we sincerely hope that climate neutrality remains a top priority. We offer several keynotes that can contribute to this cause. For instance, Professor Johan Albrecht provides captivating insights into achieving climate neutrality by 2050 and balancing sustainability, reliability, and affordability. Dr. Audrey-Flore Ngomsik explains the risks of ignoring climate change, while Isabel Verstraete shares why caring for the planet should be a strategic pillar in your brand positioning. Christophe Jauquet advocates for health and well-being as important drivers that benefit sustainability. Additionally, we have Merijn Tinga, aka the plastic soup surfer, and Wannes Van Giel, both delivering impactful keynotes that raise awareness about this crucial topic.

Let's keep our commitment to a sustainable future alive!

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