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No healthy people on a sick planet

Health & well-being as the biggest drivers of the sustainability trend

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People are more occupied with sustainability than ever before. Together with health & happiness and inclusivity & diversity, sustainability is a powerful aspiration that defines consumer behaviour. This talk motivates how companies & brands can play into these aspirations.

According to a 2021 global study by NielsenIQ, 61% of the respondents agreed that environmental issues are having an adverse effect on their current and future health.

The talk contains three unique messages:

  1. Self-actualisation needs: People want to become the best version of themselves. Driven by these aspirations, people are looking at companies and brands to help them. Today, consumers will choose those brands that have similar values as they themselves have.

  2. Health & self-care trends: In their quest to be(come) healthy & happy, we see various trends arise that companies and brands can play into. The sustainability trend, called Ecotional or Planet Health, plays an important role in this. Nature nurtures and that’s exactly why we need need to nurture our planet.

  3. Customer Transformations: As a marketeer, you can play into these behavioural evolutions and contextual drivers by optimising your customer experience to the next level. This talk explains with an easily applicable model how customer experience could contribute to customers feeling better, healthier and even happier. Such a marketing strategy is not only meaningful also very sustainable.

The expected outcome: The audience will feel motivated by the many relevant examples transforming their customers' world. It brings additional insight into why sustainability is that important for them. The talk also brings tangible tools that people can put into practice right away.

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Christophe Jauquet is an internationally recognized author and keynote speaker. He provides a fresh and distinctive perspective on critical topics such as customer centricity, innovation, and emerging trends. His presentations steer businesses toward expanding their horizons by placing health and happiness at the heart of customer engagement, innovation endeavors, and future planning. Customized to align with the specific objectives of each event, industry dynamics, cultural nuances, and the requirements of the target audience, his keynotes are consistently finely tuned and pertinent. Christophe has spoken in over 25 countries and to industries that vary from healthcare to consumer business, from finance to the travel, car, retail and real estate industry. Christophe is the author of the Healthusiasm book, writes a popular 2-weekly newsletter on future scenarios and hosts a globally popular podcast on the US-based 'Shift Forward Health' Channel. He is a visionary who has been quoted by Deloitte in their 2022 Global Life Sciences Outlook and is often featured as guest writer on renown websites such as Healthcare Transformers by Roche. Before starting his own business, Christophe held various roles as an intrapreneur at Pfizer Inc., for which he has been recognised with several global innovation awards. Later, he further developed his expertise by working with pharmaceutical companies such as Roche, Takeda & GSK, and Consumer Brands like L'Oreal, Nestlé & Pepsi. Today, Christophe Jauquet inspires business leaders about the future of business in this health-conscious world. He has designed several innovation tools to implement his vision efficiently. This man is on a mission to make the world a healthier & happier place, one business strategy at a time.

Christophe Jauquet

Health marketeer on a mission to make the world healthy & happy.

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