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Care for the Planet

Care for the Planet as a strategic pillar in your brand positioning

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70% of people don’t believe the sustainability efforts brands are making.

Green & purpose- washing have created trust issues between people and brands. Creating a positive

impact on the planet is a responsibility demanded by employees, customers and governments.

With a pragmatic step-by-step approach, aligned with your ESG strategy the CARE strategic framework helps you to place CARE for the planet into the core of your business strategy.

Topics in the keynotes are: 

  • How can the CARE Principles help you to accelerate your sustainable strategy.

  • How can you bring transparency, honesty and authenticity in your sustainable journey. 

  • Prepare yourself for the current and next generations of customer needs. 

  • How to collaborate with sustainable partnerships and stakeholder management. 

  • How can external collaboration help you grow sustainably.

This keynote gets you introduced and inspired by the CARE strategic framework to accelerateyour sustainable ESG

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As an international keynote speaker, author, and seasoned brand consultant, Isabel helps companies pivot toward a caring, sustainable, and impactful business strategy. The CARE strategic framework aids organizations in transforming with CARE, an acronym that stands for collaboration, agility, reliability, and empathy. 

Verstraete delivers guest lectures on the CARE Principles at reputed universities such as Vlerick, Nyenrode, TU Delft, and VU University in Amsterdam. During the pandemic, Isabel researched how certain companies manage crises more effectively and discovered a pattern behind their success. She wrote a book about it called *Does Your Brand Care? Building a Better World with the CARE Principles*. 

The CARE Principles urge companies to place care for people and the planet at the core of their business strategy. Applying the CARE Principles starts internally by taking better care of employees. The strategic model extends to clients, stakeholders, and care for the planet, tapping into ESG strategies.

Isabel Verstraete

Speaker, workshops, brand strategy expert, and author

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