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Selling in the new normal

Empower Your Sales Team to Sell Virtually

Before the pandemic, about 50% of a B2B sales rep’s time was spent in face-to-face time (Gartner). But now, sales reps face an unprecedented challenge to meet demanding buyer needs, all while managing the limitations of a world restricted by COVID-19.

People behave differently in #remoteselling scenarios; they don’t engage in the same way and are more easily distracted. This new reality requires new #sellingskills and techniques and the ability to avoid the pitfalls that exist during #virtualsalesmeetings.

Learn the steps you need to take to go from in-person to #onlineselling:

👉 how to build trust and create connection,

👉 how to run an effective online meeting,

👉 how to increase credibility

to drive momentum and win sales opportunities. Besides these practical issues, you'll get

👉 a new perspective on remote and hybrid selling today and in the future and how to engage with your clients in a new way!

Our #VirtualLearningJourney 🔷 Remote Selling 🔷 includes the expertise of Jochen Roef - author of "Less contact, more Impact" and Christophe Jauquet, author of "Healthusiasm".

With live and interactive webinars and with a video tutorial consisting of short and effective key learnings.

Be ready for Selling in 2021! Contact us for more information via


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Unknown member
Apr 14, 2021

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