Christophe Jauquet

Health marketeer on a mission to make the world healthy & happy.

Christophe is a health expert working at the intersection of marketing, technology and customer-centricity. He spent a major part of his career as a business manager within the pharmaceutical business, during which he has been recognized with several innovation awards.

The past +7 years, he advised companies and brands from different types of industries on their health strategy. His expertise has been built up by working together with care institutions, physicians & patients, startups and corporations. This unique combination of healthcare knowledge and consumer insights have been bundled in his book called “Healthusiasm”, explaining why every business will be(come) a health business.



Dutch, English, French

Sales, Marketing & Customer Experience, Post-Corona Future, Technology, Transformation & Innovation


Speaker, Trainer, Moderator


Marketing Strategy, Customer centricity, Healthcare, Health trends, Technology impacting expectations

Presentations and Topics

The patient is no longer patient

Dr. Google, activity trackers and medical devices for at-home use, are only but some of the drivers of the empowerment of the patient. Ever since this evolution, pharmaceutical companies and healthcare institutions are increasingly focused on putting the patient first. In their quest to engage patients, they are confronted with patient expectations that are evolving at breakneck speed. The patient is changing. 

This talk explains WHY the patient is no longer patient, and HOW companies and institutions can meet their new expectations.


Health has become our biggest preoccupation, more than anything we have ever seen. People want to become the best possible version of themselves. That is the reason why they are more than ever focused on their own health & happiness. This trend is called "Healthusiasm". 

Healthusiasm explains WHY customer experience is no longer differentiating enough, and HOW health marketing can be part of your business strategy.

Work healthy, Play Happy

As customers expect healthy products, services and experiences from companies and brands, their employees cannot be left behind. 

This keynote explains WHY Corporate Social Responsibility should be abolished, and HOW companies can become meaningful for their own employees.

Testimonials & References

"Christophe's marketing knowledge and health expertise sure did help us to make quick and future proof decisions."  

Ignace De Nollin, Colruyt Group

"His discussion of "Healthusiasm" as a tangible and valuable consumer trend is well-researched and lays down the gauntlet to huge corporate brands to embrace and serve the wellbeing of their customers."

Maxine Birmingham, CEO INNOVO   

"He was able to inspire them on what the future of healthcare is."

Matthias De Clercq, CCO nexxworks.    

"I was blown away by his vision on brand experiences." 

Nico Ruell, CEO Butik

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