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Keynotes and speakers on 

Security & Privacy

Delve into essential keynotes and expert speakers focused on security and privacy. 

In an increasingly interconnected digital world, safeguarding sensitive data and ensuring cybersecurity are paramount for businesses and individuals alike. 

Booking a keynote speaker on security and privacy can provide valuable insights, best practices, and cutting-edge strategies to mitigate risks, protect valuable information, and comply with regulations effectively. 

Discover our curated list of security and privacy-focused keynotes and speakers, and fortify your organization's defenses, instilling confidence and trust among stakeholders and customers alike!

Eddy Willems

Cyberdangers and The Human

Will we ever learn?

Marc Vael

How to design rock-solid security

Security by design

Eddy Willems

Stalkerware - the spy inside all of us

What about your privacy?

Marc Vael

Is it be online today and tomorrow?

How to create a secure climate by embracing technology and change

Marc Vael

A prediction of the future of cybersecurity

What will it look like in 2030?

Eddy Willems

The real truth behind ransomware and most other malware

This presentation will give you the real story behind ransomware.

Marc Vael

Ransomware risks and solutions

How does ransomware work and how to protect against it?

Eddy Willems

Keep your smartphone safe!

Unveiling Smartphone Cyber Dangers and Defense Strategies

Marc Vael

EU Cybersecurity Legislation

How to comply with EU cybersecurity legislation?

Marc Vael

Handling privacy breaches the smart way

Eddy Willems

What can you learn from nation-state cyberattacks?

3 decades of cybersecurity experience bundled in a short pragmatic and passionate view

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