Marnick Vandebroek

Expressing yourself in a powerful way is not a gift, it's a choice. Great stories inspire action. #standuptostandout

Marnick Vandebroek is a frequently asked and highly rated Belgian keynote speaker and trainer on the topics of storytelling, leadership communication and mindset linked to driving innovation, digital transformation and
change within organizations. He helps, trains and coaches over one hundred business owners, managers and professionals all across Europe to express themselves in the most powerful way.

He works with people from multinational brands to promising start-ups and scale-ups that want to inspire both themselves and others to transform their ideas into action. He runs his business, together with his lovely wife and business partner, Natalie Vandergraesen.

Marnick has a background in digital marketing, HR, stand-up comedy, is a certified NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) practitioner and just a stand-up guy.

On a personal level, he is happily married and has two amazing cats. In addition, he loves writing, drawing, comedy, obstacle runs and pumping iron in the gym like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

#standuptostandout, Express yourself in the most powerful way!





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Mental Resilience & Wellbeing, HR & Company Culture

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Storytelling, Leadership, Employee communication, Mindset, Personal development

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Stand Up to Stand Out 

How to inspire people to take action on your ideas

Innovation, digital transformation, remote working, office move,… for many leaders, HR professionals and marketeers the daily reality of the fast and disruptive market we are living in. We need to keep evolving in order to tackle the business challenges of tomorrow. 

The only thing is…does the rest of your organization think the same way?  

Ambassadorship, online content, new strategy, VR, chatbots,… are all impactful when everybody plays along, if not, it’s just a couple of motivated professionals in a meeting room with a great idea.  So time to stand up for your plans and ambitions, turn them into engaging stories so they STAND OUT and inspire your entire organization into taking action.   

Marnick will show in 5 easy steps, as published in his recent book, how any message, told in the right way can inspire and convince people, both internally and externally.   #standuptostandout

Stand Up & Stand Out in your own story

Everybody has the power and opportunity to achieve his or her goals in life and business. It's not a gift, it's a choice. A conscious choice, despite possible fears, challenges, and failures, to see these opportunities, overcome the hurdles and become successful in that which you aspire. Inspiring yourself and others into taking action on those dreams, goals, ambitions starts with YOU.   

In this talk Marnick shows step by step and in a very pragmatic way how you can prime yourself for success, discover who you really are and want to become and what skills or resources you need to succeed. Time for you to stand up for yourself and your ideas, so you can STAND OUT in your own story.   #standuptostandout

Testimonials & References

"We had the opportunity to welcome Marnick as a keynote speaker during our Digital Week which we organized for all AG employees. His witty enthusiasm and eagerness to share insights on the impact of connectivity on our way of working were a real eye-opener for our colleagues. Also, Marnick came super well-prepared, in short: a pleasure to work with!" 

Inge Vandewiele, Head of Employer Branding & Employee communication AG Insurances  

"Having had Marnick as a speaker at the MARKENCAMP was an absolute pleasure. He's a very fine guy, nice and interesting to talk to and ROCKIN THE STAGE! Me and the 150 participants loved his talk - or better his "performance". Great job, great guy, if you need a speaker who will rock your event, give him a call!"  

Stephan Johland Founder Markenkamp  

"Marnick was a keynote speaker during our DIGITAL MARKETING INNOVATION – How To Make it Work Congress. His clear portrayal and his sheer enthusiasm contributed to a trending #IABnl on Dutch twitter. To quote one of our visitors: "Content, pragmatic and lots of humor!". 

Jolien Siemerink   

"During the Mondelez Media Away Day we asked Marnick Vandebroek for his contribution. As Marnick has the same background as most of the marketeers at Mondelez and a passion for digital and innovative he was the right person for us! It was a 30 minutes stand-up full of energy and a passionate talk. Marnick received one of the highest ratings from the marketeers! We were very happy we invited him!"  

Gillian Ydema  

"It was just great, everybody in the office was talking about Marnick's talk the next day in the office" 

Ilse Pauwels Marketing Manager Ordina  

"We had high expectations when we booked Marnick, but he exceeded them all." 

Ricardo Kandelman Member of the Board SHV Holding

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