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Véronique De Prycker

Helping B2B companies to close the gap between men & women and enhance the performance and impact of women through better leadership, communication, and networking

Dutch, English


Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Workshops, Moderator, Consultant


Offline and online networking, Impact, Self-mastery, Leadership, Gender Equality



Sales, marketing & customer experience; Resilience & wellbeing; HR, company culture & leadership


Véronique De Prycker is driven by her belief that the economy, health, and education are the three main pillars and driving forces behind a prosperous society. As an experienced keynote speaker, certified trainer, and mentor, it’s her passion to help professionals and B2B companies in achieving their professional & personal success and obtain mastery over their life. Especially the differences between men and women are a great passion of hers. In the workplace, this translates into questions like … Why is it that women in general still have a hard time climbing the Corporate ladder? Why women don't seem to stand up for themselves enough yet? Why is there still a huge gap between men and women? …. These are questions she answers in her keynotes and workshops and she gives women practical advice they can apply immediately. Véronique's career spans more than 25 years of international experience, with previous years as a Financial Manager and CPA at Dredging International (DEME) and Deloitte, where she was a confidant of over 200 CEOs and helped over 300 companies and organizations in many different industries. This expertise in the day-to-day challenges of corporate life combined with her unique strategic and handson knowledge gives her an unusual and visionary approach to what effectively works in today's businesses. Véronique also strongly believes in giving back to society; she's (been) a volunteer in various organizations such as the Red Cross, Cliniclowns, Stop Colon Cancer, and different network organizations. She possesses the ability to translate theoretical models, methodologies, and strategies into practically applicable methods that have an immediate effect on daily results. People who work with Véronique not only immediately know what to do and how to apply new tools, tactics, or strategies, but they are also inspired by her positive and vibrant personality.

Presentations and Topics

Sales, marketing & customer experience

How to ruin your reputation in a split second?

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Avoid these commonly made mistakes that ruin your professional opportunities.

Sales, marketing & customer experience

HELP! I need to network

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Master the art of networking and have a better career

Resilience & wellbeing


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Be excellent in every aspect of your life

Testimonials & References

Véronique has succeeded in helping our team of 45 employees in a difficult process of collective redundancy, to create a professional and commercial LinkedIn profile in just a 2 days workshop. Her technical and sales LinkedIn expertise was particularly appreciated, in addition to her right tone of voice. She easily switched with LinkedIn starters and pro's, all of them have made progress, and more important, they all found a new relevant professional role. Thank you for your inspiration Véronique!

Greet Boonen – CEO Rainpharma

Véronique is an authority in social selling. She gave our team an extremely fascinating workshop in an authentic and enthusiastic manner. Immediately everyone went into action; we can certainly make many meters with her concrete advice!    

Elke Geraerts – CEO Better Minds at Work – Keynote Speaker – Author – Phd Psychology

Hi Véronique,   I am always a very critical & difficult participant. Only 1 out of 10 courses that I follow all around the world, can really please me.   The training "LinkedIn" you gave us last Friday is certainly one of them. The course was well structured; the information was relevant, useful, and applicable and you respected the timing. And all this while continuously respecting the questions and wishes of all the participants to which you responded in a very flexible way.    In a nutshell: it was fun, to the point, useful, and very inspiring. An excellent use of our precious time."   

Peter Demuynck – Development officer Agoria (Technology Eco-System)

I have had the pleasure of attending Véronique's courses on a variety of topics. Whether the subject concerns life hacks, psychological models or social media, Véronique's classes never cease to inspire.    Her presentation is flawless and her energetic, intoxicating teaching style easily puts one in a driven mindset. Not only does she possess a profound understanding of human emotions, she is also a terrific listener. Whenever she can, she takes time to listen, contemplate and deliver fitting advice.    Lastly, she has a natural talent for leading discussions, creating a wonderful group dynamic where all participants feel involved.    In short: Véronique is a caring, refined listener, an inspiring speaker and a life-hacker par excellence. I recommend her magnificent coaching to anyone.    

Matthias Spillemaeckers – technical writer at ChipSoft

I have got to know Véronique as a good listener and analytic person. She concludes very quickly what your strengths and weaknesses are and helps you forward in your business with her clear, concrete and personal advise.

Sylvie Bruyninckx – Architect and founder VIVA Architecture

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