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Pieter Baert

I'm always curious to ask the right questions

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Speaker, Moderator, Host, Workshops, Consultant

Dutch, French, English

design thinking, innovation, Customer Experience, Service Design, Future Trends


Pieter believes in combining long-term thinking with short-term action, merging strategic analysis with creative implementation. He has learned that exploring the future involves making ideas tangible and testing them through a startup mindset. 

As an innovation consultant and digital strategist, Pieter specializes in business transformation and enhancing customer experience. His focus centers on understanding people, their needs, and motivations, and finding solutions through robust business strategies and value propositions. 

He assists organizations in predicting future trends that can impact their operations. As a facilitator, Pieter guides organizations in strategic decision-making and fosters creative ideation. His strengths include asking the right questions, using storytelling to inspire people, and creating clarity in complex situations.


Together with Pieter, you can realize the impossible. It simply requires a few wild ideas to start with, post-its, coffee and ends in a realistic business model that you can validate with real people.

Julia Schausberger, former Zalando EU

Pieter has an endless imagination and great ability to put himself in the shoes of the user.  Having him in the team is effective… and extremely fun!

Christelle Goblet, former Managing Director at Accenture, now leadership coach

Stop eating carbs and hire Pieter! A high energy bar for your business. Starting new services, setting up teams or changing old cultures. I miss him every day.

BNP Paribas

Philippe Dewamme

Pieter is a great sparring partner. Pushing ideas beyond the boundaries of your own experience all while keeping an eye on the final objective you are trying to achieve.


Ezra Eeman, Digital Change Director

I just love working with Pieter because he's crazy talented, high-demanding for himself/others, and has a really funny instagram account.


Patrick Leysen, CEO

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