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Merijn Tinga

His surfboard is a weapon. His target: politicians and company ceo's. The goal: real change!

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Dutch, English

Plastic Pollution, Storytelling, Surfing Expedition, Plastic Recycling, Littering, Societal Change, Political Change


In 2014, Merijn constructed a surfboard using washed-up plastics and surfed along the Dutch coast, earning him the nickname "Plastic Soup Surfer." Sadly, mere awareness is insufficient for catalyzing change. Consequently, he shifted his campaign focus towards policy makers and companies. 

To date, Merijn's campaigns and expeditions have influenced political resolutions and led to product bans, demonstrating the impact of individual action. Alongside an expanding community of passionate individuals, he persists in achieving tangible results and effecting change. 

Merijn shares his story to inspire and educate others on how they too can contribute to making a difference.


How to make a difference?

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Plastic pollution is a worldwide epidemic. By now we are aware of this but how does real change come about?

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