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Luna Zegers

Singer-composer, author and energetic speaker on loss, resilience, zest for life and inspiration

Spanish, Dutch, English


Speaker, Host, Workshops


Flamenco, Resilience, Motivation, Music



HR, company culture & leadership; Resilience & wellbeing


Luna Zegers is the only non-Spaniard in the world with a cum laude conservatory degree in flamenco singing under her belt: a unique achievement. She also graduated summa cum laude in jazz singing from the Conservatory of Amsterdam. At a young age, she lost both her parents and only sister. After tough years, marked by grief and a search for meaning, she develops a strong will to survive and a zest for life. She becomes the first musician to major in both jazz singing and flamenco singing, studies with only Spaniards at the prestigious ESMUC conservatory in Barcelona, and writes all the music and lyrics for her graduation performance. She is also writing the book "SOLO," about her grieving processes and her experiences as an outsider in the exciting world of Spanish flamenco. The power of Luna's oeuvre shows itself in the various creative forms in which she transforms her troubles: moving music, fascinating stories and a meaningful book, with which she expresses her grief and the processing thereof.

Presentations and Topics

Resilience & wellbeing

Tap into your resilience with Spanish Flamenco

Lees verder

Exciting Spanish music style as powerful elixir of life

Testimonials & References

Review of 'SOLO' by reviewer Charles Kuijpers: "With "Solo," Luna Zegers has written a very impressive book about her life of grief. Her writing style is particularly smooth and clear, involving the reader in the events from the very beginning. Solo is a poignant book that sometimes subtly, sometimes raucously and always nuanced shows how difficult life can be. The book deserves five sparkling stars; it is of the outer category and almost required reading." (5 out of 5 stars) 


Review 'Entre Dos Mundos' in Jazzism: "On Luna Zegers' album Entre Dos Mundos, for which she wrote both lyrics and compositions, passion gushes out. The singer is given all the space she needs to color her world view, sung with a zest for life; a heady palette for the listener to indulge in. That she has mastered all facets of flamenco singing splashes off in the last few tracks where it continuously crackles and lightning." (4.5 out of 5 stars maximum) 


"The fiery Spanish flamenco music combined with Luna's overwhelming vocals offers a performance that is special of its kind. (Wed.) 


'In her compositions and performance, Zegers is very convincing as a flamenco singer, simply beautiful. Beautiful music and poignant life story.' (Ugenda) 


'Dutch Luna Zegers' vocals are atypical of flamenco, but do not lack the raw sadness that characterizes the musical style. A thoroughly personal project with which she acquires a unique place in the music world.' (We Are Public) 


'Providing great enthusiasm was Luna Zegers' flamenco block. She left no one in the sold-out Beethoven-Haus unmoved.' (General Anzeiger, Bonn, Germany) 


'Luna left a crushing impression.' (De Limburger) 


'What beauty, what talent and what power!' (Kunst in de Kamer concerts) 


'Luna is unique, intense and fantastic!' (Lokaal Spaanders, Amsterdam)  


'On her beautiful debut CD Entre Dos Mundos she expresses her loss and sorrow in self-written lyrics and compositions but also love, regained vitality and hope resound. This Dutch 'flamenca' does not have a typical flamenco voice, but impresses with her clear way of singing. From time to time she makes small excursions in the direction of jazz and in one song English can be heard as a main language. Flamenco to immerse yourself in. (Espanje Magazine, 4 out of 5 stars maximum)

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