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Lisbeth Imbo

Asking the right questions, listening and getting people connected.

Dutch, English, French


Moderator, Host, Trainer, Workshops


Presentation Skills, Media Training



Sales, marketing & customer experience


I like to get out the best in people: what makes them and their story special? It takes more than some questions, it takes two people who trust each other and dare to get connected. For more than 20years I have been a journalist. Interested in all kinds of stories and discussions. Asking questions, but also listening. A successful interview is one in which people can tell their story, enlighten us with their insights while they also dare to engage themselves as an individual into that conversation. Knowledge and emotions. That's how the story really gets passed on. A good on/offline talk always contains these elements: information, context, nuance, clarity and humanity. An interview or talk without one single emotion is a missed opportunity. My job is getting people and ideas connected, by challenging the speakers as well as the ones who are listening. What is truly being said? How do you know? Why should we care? What can we do? We are in it together!

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Sales, marketing & customer experience

The Media - how to get your story out there

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