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Jozefien De Feyter

Sales expert empowering professionals to enhance sales strategies and cultivate meaningful connections in the digital world

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Speaker, Trainer, Consultant

Dutch, English

Sales, Empathy


As the CEO of Blinc Sales Institute, Jozefien leads a team of experts dedicated to transforming sales organizations through comprehensive training, workshops, and consulting services. With over a decade of experience in the sales industry, Jozefien's exceptional knowledge and practical approach empower individuals and organizations to achieve outstanding results.

As a dedicated sales consultant and coach, Jozefien leverages her deep understanding of sales techniques and innate ability to connect with others, providing tailored guidance to optimize performance and exceed targets. Her captivating stage presence, compelling storytelling, and actionable advice make her a sought-after keynote speaker, leaving audiences inspired to elevate their sales performance.

Jozefien's book, "Less Contact, More Impact," has become a go-to resource, empowering professionals to enhance sales strategies and cultivate meaningful connections in the digital world. Beyond her expertise in sales, Jozefien's background in arts, teaching, and sales brings a unique perspective to her work.

Her innovative strategies and real-world examples resonate with a wide range of audiences, making her an invaluable resource for corporations, educational institutions, and professional associations seeking to unlock the full potential of human connection. Furthermore, Jozefien enjoys using her musical talent to create magical atmospheres at important life events, such as weddings and funerals, where people can savor unforgettable moments.


Less contact, more impact

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Sell like a woman

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Sales: It's Everyone's Business

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I had the privilege of attending Jozefien de Feyter's keynote at our seminar in Ibiza. She delivered a keynote for our French-speaking clients on the topic of ROI: Touching People is Creating Customers. Jozefien's insights into the evolving landscape of customer engagement and acquisition left a profound impression on us.

Her ability to dissect the complex interplay of "connexion" (connection) and "confiance" (trust), even within the hairdressing industry, was truly enlightening. In a world where customers seek highly personalized and unique purchasing experiences, Jozefien's keynote underscored the critical importance of expert guidance throughout the entire buying process.

Jozefien's perspective on the challenges facing current hairdressers and the demanding expectations of customers came through clearly in her presentation. She not only identified the issues but also provided practical solutions and strategies to successfully navigate this changing landscape.

Her passion and expertise shone through as she emphasized the need for our hairdressers to build personal connections with customers and instill trust during the buying journey. Jozefien's keynote was not only informative but also her interactive approach resonated strongly with the clients.

In summary, Jozefien de Feyter's keynote at our Hairdressing Seminar 2023 was an eye-opening experience that inspired and motivated us to excel in all our sales efforts. Her enthusiasm and warmth will undoubtedly linger with us.


Julie Van de Voorde

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