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John De Wever

Energetic moderator and host, facilitating conversations on business, leadership, technology and society

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Moderator, Host, Consultant

Dutch, French, English

Leadership, Technology, Communication, Marketing


John is recognized as an exceptional moderator, host, and presenter, known for making events, interviews, and discussions run smoothly and engagingly. With a robust background in marketing and communication, complemented by extensive leadership experience, John has the expertise to make any event outstanding.

John is great at breaking down complex topics, making them easy for everyone to understand. He fosters an environment where everyone feels comfortable to speak up and every question matters. His skill in posing intelligent, considered questions paves the way for substantial dialogues and fresh perspectives, all within an open and inviting environment.

What distinguishes John as a moderator and presenter is his authentic curiosity about people, their narratives and expertise. He brings topics to life with his real engagement and has a way of making speakers feel relaxed, encouraging them to share their best. This makes him not just the perfect host for your event but also a spark for inspiring talks.

With his broad experience as a marketing and communication leader in various industries, John is a popular choice for events about business, leadership, technology, and society. His role as a facilitator, focusing on connecting ideas, people and their expertise makes him a unique and valuable addition to any event looking for depth, participation, and an unforgettable experience.

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