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Stress yourself

Stress is not your enemy; it is an opportunity for self-development and growth.

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Stress is not your enemy; it is an opportunity for self-development and growth. If you use it in a smart, sustainable way, it will help you to push yourself without burning yourself out. This presentation helps you to change your mind about stress. Talking points: 


  • Your attitude about stress alone influences your health and wellbeing. How can you change negative thinking styles and cultivate a positive mindset when you experience challenges? 

  • Too much or longterm stress can be dangerous, but the right amount serves as a powerful stimulus for growth. How do you assess what the correct amount is?  

  • What are the best strategies and techniques to stay focused, productive, optimistic, and calm when you are under a lot of pressure? We look at food, lifestyle, and peak performance techniques like mindfulness meditation. 

We often default to unhealthy, counterproductive behavior when we feel stressed. It doesn’t have to be that way. When you apply the principles in this presentation, you will start to view stress in a much more positive way and experience what stress can do FOR you (instead of TO you).

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Goedele Leyssen worked for 12 years as a journalist. An opportunity to go to India for a story about yoga and meditation changed the course of her life. Back home, she followed a training to become a yoga and meditation teacher. Because Goedele strongly believes in a holistic approach of health and wellbeing, she also trained as a nutritionist. Between 2014 and 2019, she wrote 4 healthy lifestyle books and started to give keynotes and facilitate workshops. Together with a US naturopathic doctor, she launched an online anti-burnout coaching program for high performing professionals. Goedele believes self-care is the foundation for long lasting success and happiness in life. Her greatest joy is helping people build rituals for more resilience and deep inner peace.

Goedele Leyssen

4 x author, speaker, yoga and meditation trainer, holistic nutritionist and self-care expert

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