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My wife went to the Dark … Web

A detailed look inside the Underground Economy 4.0

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During this webinar, Eddy Willems will tell you the real story of how his wife found the Dark Web. Eddy will tell you more about what she expected to find over there and what she finally found as a normal pc user. Did she really buy that Glock 17M?  Is the Dark Web really so dangerous? Besides weapons, drugs, ID cards, credit cards and malware you can find much more. 

However, the real value of your ID or credit card is maybe not what you expected.  What are the best market places? Who can you find on the Dark Web? What do malware writers have in common? 

A detailed look inside the Underground Economy 4.0 will give everybody a better view of money laundering, money mules, dropzones and other attractive places on the Dark Side of the internet. What are police forces doing about this situation? 

If you haven’t invested yet in Bitcoin or Monero you possibly will never do anymore after watching this lecture.

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Eddy Willems is a worldwide known cyber security expert from Belgium. He is a board member of 3 security industry organizations, EICAR, AVAR and LSEC, and is the resident Security Evangelist and Global Security Officer at G DATA Cyberdefense.

He became a founding member of EICAR in 1991, one of the world’s first security IT organizations. Over the years he has served in many extra roles in different security industry organizations. Several CERTs, press agencies, print and online publications and broadcasting media, for example CNN, use his advice regularly.

In October of 2013, he published his first book in Belgium and the Netherlands, entitled 'Cybergevaar' (Lannoo). A German translation followed afterwards and an English translation and update, Cyberdanger (Springer), was published in 2019. He is also co-author of the Dutch SF cyberthriller ‘Het Virus’ published in 2020.

Eddy is a known inspiring speaker and is giving lectures and presentations (including TEDx) worldwide for a very diverse audience from children to experts.

Eddy Willems

Cyber Security Guru | Inspiring Speaker | Author #Cyberdanger | Security Researcher | Director | Security Evangelist at G DATA CyberDefense

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