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Help, I'm new in charge. What now?

How to grow in a manager role

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Managers and leaders are shaped irrevocably by their first management positions.  It is crucial not to leave them to their fate. Both organizations and individuals suffer considerably when a person has been promoted because of strong individual performance and then fails to adjust to management responsibilities.


  • misconceptions

  • how to prepare

  • how getting started

  • how to get better


  • For HR audience: how to support new managers?

  • For new managers: training, workshops and coaching.

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Anja started working for digital agency The Reference 25 years ago, and became its Managing Director in 2007. Under Cappelle’s leadership, The Reference grew from 30 to 160 experts working in multidisciplinary teams from offices in Ghent, Antwerp and New York. She created a strong company culture, a dynamic agile collaboration style with long-term clients, and a management team that combines result-oriented thinking with multi-disciplined teamwork. Anja also played a key role in opening The Reference’s office in Manhattan in 2017, and the acquisition of US agency Karbyn.

After 25 years at The Reference, she now is managing partner at Speakersbase to share her sales & marketing skills and her vision on leadership.

Anja Cappelle

Digital pioneer with a passion for leadership, sales and intrapreneurship

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