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Digital Skills: Prepare your employees for the digital transformation

Are your employees future-ready ? What can they do to maximise their growth potential in a digital world.

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Prepare your employees for digital transformation!

Saskia will tell you how to collaborate digitally, make data-driven decisions and adequately protect one's data? Soft skills such as resilience, growth mindset, focus and empathy are also crucial in a digital world. What can they do to maximise their growth potential in a digital world?

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Saskia leads the National Coalition for Digital Skills & Jobs for Belgium. In this role she focusses to skill/re-skill all talents to maximize the activation of everybody in the changing employment market going forward. As a manager, Saskia Van Uffelen always keeps a keen eye on the human aspects of collaboration in a company. She focusses heavily on ensuring the synergies between the different generations present in the workplace. In interviews, opinion articles and her book ‘Iedereen Baas! – Tous Patron!’ she encourages her colleagues to pay more attention to it as well. The world, our society, is changing and is screaming for a new model. We are living in a digital age, where everyone and everything is connected, where competition is no longer coming from within the sector and customers, users and citizens are in the driver’s seat. Data is gold and sharing is the new having. Dare to help build a new business world, with a balance between results in the short and long term. But dare just as much to help to build another society through personal life choices – a society that is ready for the next generation. ‘Dare for tomorrow’ is the title of her latest book.

Saskia Van Uffelen

How can we create a new culture in our organisations? Digital Skills Leader Belgium, boosting Future Skills and Jobs for everybody!

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