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Can Europe compete when it comes to tech?

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A look at the past, present and future of the European technology industry in a global context, where technological innovation is fast becoming one of the most competitive advantages for any region on the geopolitical playing field.

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Robin is a European technology journalist and media entrepreneur currently running the region's premier information portal and market intelligence platform, He is a frequently asked expert for international events to present data on the European tech scene, moderates panels and/or interviews executives, investors and policymakers. He is also the co-founder of Startup Europe Lens, a non-profit that aims to facilitate direct, regular and constructive dialogue between European policymakers and startup founders and founding member of BeCentral, the digital campus located in Brussels Central Station that has helped thousands of people learn technologies, grow a startup and have a positive impact on society.

Robin Wauters

Founding editor of European tech news and research platform; journalist, analyst, speaker, moderator and event curator. Co-founder of Startup Europe Lens and BeCentral.

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