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Record number of employees suffer from physical and mental complaints

In a recent article published by De Standaard, alarming statistics reveal a significant rise in the number of employees experiencing physical and mental health issues in the workplace. Over the past five years, the prevalence of both physical and psychological ailments has surged, with professionals in the service industry and education sector being particularly affected.

According to data analyzed by Mensura, a prevention service, a quarter of employees report motor-related complaints, such as neck, shoulder, or lower back pain—a 22 percent increase over the past five years. These physical ailments, once predominantly associated with labor-intensive occupations like construction and manufacturing, are now increasingly affecting individuals in sedentary roles, including those who spend prolonged hours in front of screens.

Notably, the number of service sector employees reporting physical complaints has escalated by 40 percent, while the education sector has witnessed a staggering 64 percent increase in the same period.

However, the situation is even more concerning on the mental health front. Over the past five years, there has been an alarming 80 percent rise in the number of employees experiencing psychological issues. Sectors such as public services, healthcare, and the service industry report the highest prevalence rates, with the education sector witnessing an astonishing 153 percent increase.

To address these challenges, experts emphasize the importance of implementing comprehensive workplace wellness strategies. Dorien Simons, a wellbeing expert at Mensura, underscores the role of ergonomics in preventing physical ailments and enhancing overall employee wellbeing. Simultaneously, Julie Daenen stresses the need for employers to prioritize mental health initiatives, including workshops on stress management, resilience training, and leadership development.

By proactively addressing both physical and mental health concerns, organizations can foster a culture of wellbeing, resilience, and productivity—a key focus area of our keynotes and speakers. Discover how Speakersbase can help you to promote employee health, happiness, and success in today's dynamic work environment.

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