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Valérie Deridder

Journalist at Knack with a passion for everything to do with technology and digital transformation

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Speaker, Moderator, Host

Dutch, English, French, Spanish, Turkish, Persian

AI, Digital Transformation, B2B Technology, International Politics, Middle East


Valérie Deridder, a journalist at Knack, possesses a fervent passion for technology and digital transformation. With a notable background in hosting debates for esteemed institutions like the Flemish Parliament and the European Commission on AI, her expertise extends to corporate events focused on digital transformation. 

Moreover, Valérie boasts a strong understanding of foreign politics, particularly specializing in the Middle East, a topic she frequently delves into within her writings for Knack. 

Her warmth and infectious enthusiasm define her personality, complemented by her theater experience that lends her a natural ease on stage. 

Above all, Valérie thrives in moderating debates and chairing events.


I'm really enjoying working with Valérie for lots of reasons. First and foremost, you can always count on her for setting a light tone that makes everyone feel welcome. Besides that, she doesn’t settle and has a great radar for interesting content. You can always count on her for going the extra mile and delivering an interesting result. She takes a lot of pride in her work and this translates into creations of the highest quality.

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