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Transformation from within, innovate through intrapreneurship

How to make intrapreneurship work in their organization.

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How to leverage the talent within your organization through entrepreneurship, without losing control.

Innovating and transforming requires a leap of faith.

This makes the need for maximizing the chances of success for innovation and transformation processes in your organization all the more crucial.

Your own team will be central to this success.

In this talk, Bert Van Wassenhove presents a comprehensive approach for managers to support their teams in generating ideas and for motivating their people and teams to step up as intrapreneurs.

All of this has the final objective to maximize success in innovation and transformation.

After this talk, the participants will have a clear understanding of how to make intrapreneurship work in their organization.

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Bert Van Wassenhove is not a book publisher, but a "venture publisher", with significant experience in marketing and digital media – and by leveraging his network – Bert helps people and organizations take an innovative or transformative concept and turn it into a sustainable company. 

Today he is CEO of Solvice, an AI company focussing on solving complex decision intelligence problems. Authenticity is always a key value in his undertakings.

Bert Van Wassenhove

Venture publisher guiding innovative and transformative concepts to become sustainable companies.

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