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The rise of crypto assets

Our monetary system, bitcoin as a solution, the investment case for crypto, altcoins, blockchain tech and a look into the future.

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This keynote is an introduction to the bigger topic of crypto and blockchain. 

We start with taking a brief look at the history of money, explain our current monetary system and its flaws, and answer the question: is bitcoin a solution for these issues?

Other topics addressed:

  • Is there an investment case to be made for bitcoin?

  • Why is blockchain technology so important when it comes to crypto?

  • What is the use case is for all these altcoins? And what is their the value proposition?

  • How does this relate to NFTs, metaverse, supply chain, digital identity,...?

  • Common misunderstandings about cryptocurrencies. 

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Brecht and Quinten are two talented young men specialized in the world of crypto. They typically go on stage together and the audience appreciates them for their lucid storyline, their interaction and energy boost. Brecht Van Craen: As a professional in the crypto asset space for more than 5 years, Brecht feels extremely passionate about educating on the biggest financial revolution of our time. He is the only Belgian with a Master degree in Digital Currencies (summa cum laude, University of Nicosia) and co-founder of the largest crypto school and community in Belgium. He teaches politicians, journalists, entrepreneurs and people about the why and how of crypto. Brecht is also co-founder of, an imec powered startup aiming to turn the HR industry upside-down! His personal tagline is "there is no box" because he believes in independent thought and revolutionary ideas. Quinten François: Is crypto and blockchain really the future? Being skeptical in the beginning himself, Quinten quickly found out there’s a lot of potential in this new technology and alternative to fiat money. Fast-forward, Quinten François is currently 5 years professionally active in the cryptocurrency industry as an ‘influencer’ (thought he doesn't like the term). He built a YouTube channel with 150.000 subscribers and a Twitter page on which another 75.000 people follow him. In the meantime he also wrote the best-selling Dutch book about crypto out there, called ‘De Bitcoinrevolutie’. Last but not least Quinten is an advisor for several blockchain projects that are active in the niche of the metaverse, NFTs and more. Quinten loves educating people on the matter of crypto and blockchain and showing them the true potential of this emerging technology. He believes it can change the world and proves is with its use cases.

Brecht Van Craen & Quinten François

Crypto and blockchain duo. Individually organizational psychologist & co-founder Digital Currency Accademy and best-selling author 'De Bitcoinrevolutie', crypto investor & influencer.

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