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The future of mobility

How horse & carriages predict the future of mobility

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How did we get where we are today? And where are we in the big evolution of things? Will self-driving cars solve all of our problems, and if they will, under what conditions?

By applying what we've learned in the past and combining it with the technologies and knowledge we have now, we can see a clear direction for the future of mobility. Shall we keep on depending on cars and vehicles we own, or will more services like Uber pop up that make our life more comfortable? And do they actually make everybody’s life more comfortable? What can we expect as an individual and as a society, what can we expect from other individuals to help solve problems like climate change, road fatalities and traffic jams? And is mobility an island on its own, or does it relate to other domains like urban planning, energy, sociology, ..? What are the key elements to make our mobility better in the future?

Pieter outlines the evolution of mobility and provides elements that indicate where we are likely to go. He is happy to look at the perspective from which you or your company approach mobility, and helps thinking about how we jointly step into a world of transport that is understandable for your audience and tells the story from the future of your organization.

Pieter Morlion works on a daily basis on mobility & innovation for a number of cities, governments and research institutions.


"Pieter works on a daily basis to bridge the gap between policy and technology. The main 'wicked problem' is: improving livability without limiting our freedom to move. Aka MORE LION, he worked ao. for most big cities in Belgium, the European Investment Bank and the federal minister of mobility and with imec, TomTom, Waze, OpenStreetMap, .. He is also the founder of the Traffic Management Center for the city of Ghent and inventor / patent holder for the Traffic Management as a Service concept.

His opinion is valued within the sector and he is an appreciated speaker, guest lecturer, brainstormer, advisor and jury member. Pieter presented ao. at Google in New York, the United Nations in Geneva, KBC and at congresses throughout Europe. "

Pieter Morlion

Out of the box. Looking into the future of transport while solving bits of today's mobility mess.

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