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Stop Convincing

How you help customers and consumers to adopt sustainable choices

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Sustainability communication is failing. Governments and companies focus almost exclusively on why and not how. 

Those who really want to take stakeholders to a sustainable future must focus on how. 

In this keynote Wannes shows how 7 punishing tactics from marketing and behavioral economics can make all the difference.

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As marketeers we influence the choices people make. In these times of massive pollution, climate destress and biodiversity loss this is a huge responsability. Every campaign we make is a statement for the society we choose. One with plastic waste and animal suffering or one with florishing wildlife and breathable clean air. However, we need big strong companies and brands to make a sustainable lifestyle easier. And so I am fascinated by whatever works to make our planet healthier and our people happier. I like to advocat people that annoy us, brands that have smart solutions and methods that ease the transition to a sustainable society that gets everyone on board.

Wannes Van Giel

Climate activist with marketing as a weapon of change

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