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How to enhance a more sustainable cosmetic industry?

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Cosmetics haven’t always had the best reputation when it comes to environmental and animal welfare considerations.

However, the times they are a-changing, and over the last fifty years, the industry has developed in leaps and bounds to become more sustainable and eco-conscious.

This presentation gives a short overview of green sustainable innovation and why that will enhance the green beauty sector as they meet the sustainable development goals drawn up by the UN.

With this presentation you can learn:

· What makes cosmetic products sustainable?

· The difference between green, bio, natural, sustainable cosmetics

· Does natural mean safe? Does chemical mean dangerous?

· What are the new trends in green & more sustainable innovation for cosmetics?

· Why are nanoparticles so predominant in the industry, and

· Why are they a driving force for the future of the cosmetic industry

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Dr. Ngomsik holds a PhD in physical and analytical chemistry and is a seasoned strategist specializing in climate change and corporate social responsibility. As the CEO and co-founder of Trianon Scientific Communication, a management consulting firm, Dr. Ngomsik leads efforts to assist businesses with the highest CO2 emissions in harmonizing sustainability with profitability.

Over the past two decades, she has collaborated closely with board members and executives to promote awareness, embed CSR principles into business strategies, implement sustainable practices, provide training for decision-makers, and explore innovative green solutions. Dr. Ngomsik firmly advocates for addressing the interconnected pillars of people, planet, and profit to effectively tackle today's sustainability challenges.

Recognizing the value of diverse leadership and inclusive environments, Dr. Ngomsik emphasizes their role in driving innovation, problem-solving capabilities, revenue growth, and reducing organizational CO2 emissions. She integrates these principles into her consultancy work, viewing corporate environmental and social sustainability as catalysts for enhanced profitability.

Dr. Ngomsik's expertise extends beyond devising strategies for emissions reduction; she actively promotes increased diversity among decision-makers within organizations, both in inherent traits and acquired perspectives. Her engaging keynote speeches are renowned for simplifying complex concepts into relatable anecdotes, fostering inclusive and enjoyable interactions with her audience, and bridging the crucial connection between People, Planet, and Profit (3P).

With her unique blend of expertise, communication prowess, and commitment to holistic sustainability, Dr. Ngomsik continues to be a sought-after speaker and consultant, driving positive change and impactful strategies across industries.

Dr. Audrey-Flore Ngomsik

TEDx speaker, named “most inspiring women in sustainability”, Audrey-Flore uses science to positively influence businesses to take actions to solve climate change challenges.

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